We at Swisher care about our customers and want to keep you informed.  You may find a label on some of our products like the warning label below.  This warning is required by the California Proposition 65 (Prop 65), which is meant to notify California residents of exposure to Prop 65 chemicals.

What is this warning?

California's Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986) entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm if those products expose consumers to such chemicals above certain threshold levels.


Proposition 65 does not ban the sale of products containing these chemicals, but instead requires warnings on any product, product packaging, or literature with the product. Please note that a Proposition 65 warning does not mean a product is in violation of any product safety standards or requirements.  In fact, the California government has clarified that a Proposition 65 warning “is not the same as a regulatory decision that a product is ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe.’” Many of these chemicals have been used in everyday products for years without documented harm.


Many of our products are powered by gasoline engines.  Gasoline engine exhaust contains condensates/extracts, as well as carbon monoxide, both of which are listed in the OEHHA (The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) list of chemicals that require this warning in California.


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